Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Am I Getting Smart Buddy Ads in My Blog

I get very furious about this ad showing in one of my past article. I could not find anywhere an option to remove it. It 's like a Smart Buddy video and to think I hate Smart so much with the service I am getting from Smart Broadband. This is really crazy.

If anyone of you know how to remove it please help me. It is in this link

A Painful Sister Feud

I feel so tired and I don't have much sleep these past few days. I have a feud with my sister two weeks ago and I did not have peace of mind since then. She was staying with me because she's studying here in Manila until this recent argument.

The root of that fight is a very small thing... all about her laundry where she did not mind being in our washroom for weeks. I did not have much sleep and have not eaten that time so when she ignored me, I attempted to hit her but she pulled my hair right away and of course this is my home, I'm giving her allowance, so I could not take the fact that she would hurt me in my own home so I let her go. This sister of mine is so hard headed, she pawned her phone and went away.

I am hurting inside until now. I am not perfect but I do care for my siblings. I miss her and worry too much about her situation but when she came back to get some of her things I just cant help but to throw hurting words to her.

Until now I don't know what to do.. My mind would tell me she is old enough to take care of herself but I always think of bad things that might happen to her which is why I could not sleep. I am in the agony of choosing between my pride and my sister.

I love my siblings but sometimes I just can't control myself. I just wanted to teach them a lesson but they took it against me. I am a very strong person... I never really care losing my boyfriends that much but it affects me too much when it has already something to do with my family. Maybe because of our family upbringing, my sisters never learned to respect me as their eldest sister even if I've been supporting them. I never felt being appreciated by them even once. They think that helping them is my obligation.

Just imagine, instead of doing what I am telling her to do, she chose to leave me. I am beginning to question if there is something wrong with me but except for some tantrums I can't help... I am sure I've done my best to be loved by them. It really hurts.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ebay Scam, Help!!

Dress is a fad these days and since I like following the fad, I bought lots of dresses for myself. I just want to feel like a lady at times. It's even more expensive than jeans that has better fabric and more comfortable to wear but I still like buying it.I tried searching it on eBay and found some for a dollar only from China. Ofcourse, my business minded character automatically come out. I selected a lot of them for .99 cents thinking that the shipping would be like 3000 pesos or 20 dollars and I'll earn a lot just selling each for 300 pesos... I was so excited about it. It's really cheaper to buy in China. Now, I got the invoice from the seller and she's not allowing combined shipping 20 dollars per 100 grams or per dress according to her. My goodness it's way higher than the dress from Rustans and my current dresses were only bought from Divisoria and Baclaran so I inform her to cancel my bids.. I'd rather have a trip to China than purchase those dresses with that shipping cost. Well, this seller might have not understand what I want to happen or just playing dumb and still keep on reminding me about it. Her English is also terrible that I can't comprehend what she meant but I will never pursue buying those items.

Just imagine, they are posting items at a very low price and you will be shocked with the shipping cost. Buyers will be afraid to back out because that will ruin their 100% feedback. I am afraid as well because at times I am selling items in eBay but I can't just tolerate this kind of scam over eBay. Sooner or later, many people will avoid eBay if this people will continue selling there.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rice Crisis

I just check my blog today and noticed that the last time I posted an article was still in February. Oh wow, I remember clearly when I first created my blog the excitement I felt and all that. I even purchased a domain name and hosting service. I got frustrated with my supposed to be website that I was not able to figure out and completely forgotten about my blog as well. Besides, that time I also had this client in oDesk that gave me 14 hours of work.. so how could I manage to have a blog with that work time. Right now, I'm devastated because my client suddenly give me only 4 hours of work since his business is not doing good. So, back to my blog and I'm planning to focus on this first but I have this fear that Im not gonna survive. I could live with no viand since almost all items are getting expensive but even rice price went up to think that we live in an agricultural country and I love rice. People in the market are falling in line to get NFA rice which is cheaper that other rice type and I am not fond of falling in line. :)

Now that I don't have a fulltime job.. I am really in a dilemma. It's price is already high now and according to what I read, it will go up more in July-September. Many traders are trying to manipulate rice prices and some would say it's just the government's tactic to divert people's attention from ZTE scandal... Whatever the reason is, it is us who suffer....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Questions to Ask Before You Marry Your Partner

I am 25 years old... My mom would always rant, I don't have the right direction. WTF, in our province, if your age almost go beyond the calendar days, they would consider you as a spinster.. I looked for the definition of spinster in the Wikipedia for your reference..

Oh, the Lonely Spinsters wife!

a spinster (or old maid) is a woman or girl of marriageable age who has never been married. Socially, the term is usually applied only to women who are regarded as beyond the customary age for marriage, and is generally considered an insulting term, more denigrating than the term "bachelor" for males.

Indeed very insulting... I just answer them back that I am just intelligent enough and I do not want to end up in misery. I have not find yet the right person or whatever answer I could think of but it hurts.. Is it my fault if my hubby and I think that we need to check each other first if we are really meant for each other.. if he or I am already the right one.. But how would we know if they are already the right one??? Huh.... these questions might help though...

1. Is it just sexual attraction?

Sexual attraction comes from the reptilian brain and is automatic and powerful because it relates to our survival. It's not always a basis for living with someone happily. Don't let it "hijack" you. Find out what else is there.

2. Do they like to touch and be touched?

This is important to your mental and physical health.

3. Do they look at your with affection and kindness?

Most communication is nonverbal.

4. Have you used your thinking brain?

EQ means using all 3 brains. Are you compatible in your daily habits? You'll be keeping house together. Do you have the same values and priorities?

5. Does he or she have emotional self-awareness? How are they at empathy?

One of the most predictive traits for compatibility is if you can sense the other's sadness.

6. How optimistic is this person ?

Optimism is the facilitator of all the EQ competencies. In addition, optimists live longer, enjoy better health, and accomplish more.

7. Are they intentional?

Intentionality, an EQ competency, is saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Also being accountable for the motives behind your actions. If you have commitment to the relationship, i.e., nobody's going to go away, you'll work through problems differently.

8. How resilient are they?

How do they manage adverse events and setbacks? Have they been able to grow through adversity, not just go through it?

9. How do you and your partner manage anger?

Successful couples soothe one another instead of agitating and escalating.

10. How balanced is their life?

Resilient people combine learning, work and leisure throughout their lifetime.